EV Space

Empowering the EV Charging Industry with Cutting-Edge Software Solutions

EV Space, a pioneering software-as-a-service company, specializes in providing turnkey software solutions to electric vehicle (EV) charging industry businesses. By integrating universal protocols such as Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) and Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI), EV Space enables a seamless EV charging experience, empowering charger manufacturers and new entrants in the EV market to rapidly overcome barriers of entry and scale.

Business Challenge

With the accelerating adoption of electric vehicles worldwide, the demand for efficient, compatible, and user-friendly EV charging solutions is at an all-time high. EV charger manufacturers and businesses venturing into the EV charging market are grappling with the challenges of developing robust software solutions that offer seamless communication between EV charging stations and network providers.

Development of such software requires substantial financial investment, technical expertise, and time, posing significant barriers to entry and expansion in the market. Further, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of charging stations and meeting the diverse needs of the EV drivers added to the complexities.


EV Space has risen to these challenges by providing robust, adaptable, and technologically advanced SAAS solutions. Their software is designed for a broad spectrum of applications, serving the needs of EV charger manufacturers and other businesses entering the EV charging market.

By leveraging universal communication protocols like OCPP and OCPI, EV Space’s software ensures interoperability between diverse charging stations and network systems, thereby addressing the compatibility issues. Their solutions are also designed to be scalable and easy to integrate, enabling businesses to rapidly deploy and expand their charging infrastructure.


EV Space's robust and versatile software solutions have been instrumental in driving the growth of businesses in the EV charging market. Manufacturers have been able to fast-track the launch of their EV charging products without the need to develop software solutions from scratch, saving substantial costs and time.

Businesses have also benefitted from the scalability and adaptability of EV Space's software. The ease of integration with a wide range of charging stations has enabled businesses to broaden their customer base and expand their market reach. By leveraging the latest protocols like OCPP and OCPI, businesses have been able to offer a seamless and user-friendly charging experience, thereby improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Through its innovative and customer-centric software solutions, EV Space has made significant strides in shaping the future of the EV charging industry. Their software has empowered businesses, right from EV charger manufacturers to new market entrants, to overcome the barriers of entry and scale rapidly. With the burgeoning EV market, EV Space is poised for continued growth and success as it continues to pioneer cutting-edge solutions in the EV charging ecosystem.